Who we are

GFA Advanced System Ltd. ('Grow Fish Anywhere') has developed and implemented a unique fully closed, Zero Discharge Intensive Aquaculture system that is suitable both for fresh and sea water fish. The system prevents environmental pollution, and can operate in any climate regardless of the availability of water resource or proximity to the sea. The system has been tested and proven on a scientific basis and commercial scale.


Marine and fresh water fish farming is one of the world's fastest growing industries of fish production. Approximately one-third of global seafood production is done using costal water for net cage farming of different fish and marine species. A major disadvantage of this industry is its negative impact on the marine environment that include mainly organic/inorganic pollution of costal areas driven from decomposing of fish feces and uneaten food. Reducing the environmental impact of marine fish farming is one of the most challenging tasks of modern aquaculture and will determent the future of this industry. One approach to reduce some of the environmental impact of this industry is to shift some of its operations to inland closed recirculating systems. Such systems offer improved control on effluent discharge and allow treatment of polluted water within the system thereby reducing the risk of environmental pollution.  Water treatment in recirculating systems often include biological nitrogen removal through nitrification / denitrification process and mechanical solids removal.


GFA technology takes full advantage of the anaerobic water treatment and uses it both for nitrate removal and organic solids digesting. Water from the bottom of the fish tanks rich with organic particles are collected to a central sedimentation basin were few process are taking place in parallel manner: solids settling and digesting, oxygen uptake and nitrate reduction (denitrification). Thus the organic solids that are usually removed out from recirculating systems as fast as possible, are used in the GFA technology as a "fuel" to activate the nitrate reducing bacteria and allow water to go back to the culture tanks with no losses - zero discharge technology.


GFA intensive zero-discharge system's main advantage, over any other method, includes:

  • Growing fish anywhere as the system is not dependent on a water source,
  • Zero environmental impact,
  • Seasonal free production flow,
  • Lead and mercury free,
  • Enables non-native fish even under strict regulation.


The various components of the system enable to monitor, control and alter key water quality parameters such as pH, temperature, nitrate and alkalinity levels. The extensive research and the practical experience gained from operating the GFA system at a commercial scale has enabled us to provide the optimal growth conditions for the cultured fish.


"Let the fittest, most closed system survive and reap the economic benefit inherent within that victory" Paul Greenberg auther of Four Fish, 2010 (p 74)